Saturday, July 14, 2007

Delayed News

I'm a slacker. The past few weeks have been busy with Maddie's birthday / 4th of July, and decisions to be made about work.

On July 3rd, we recieved word that CARA (the agency that oversees Indian adoptions) had granted us NOC (no objection certificate). This means that our paperwork can now move on to the courts in Kolkata to grant us guardianship. First our documents will be scrutinized by court staff, and if they recommend that we be approved, the judge will review and sign. This is the messy part. There could be delays, the judge could request additional paperwork - it is just really unpredictable. To add to it, this judge may leave in August which will cause a delay while the new judge learns his job. Although the current judge has been difficult in the past, currently he is signing pretty consistantly, so we hope he chooses to stay.

We are still hopeful that we will have him home for his birthday. It has been our goal from day one, and at this point it is very possible. Just please pray that our process continues to go smoothly.
The waiting is getting increasingly difficult. As much as I love getting news and pictures, each update seems to increase my anxiety about what could go wrong. Most days are pretty good though. Most of you know that Dan is the most laid back, patient man alive (he married me didn't he), but I know he's anticipating too. He is shopping for luggage, and how to dress and pack for the journey.
We have also decided to bring my Mom along on the journey. We are lucky enough to have a large family that my kids are extremely comfortable with, so we're gonna steal her to calm our nerves, be an extra set of hands, and to take lots of video and pictures. She was in the delivery room for Maddie (and would have been for Myles if he hadn't come so fast), so it is fitting that she be there for this "gotcha day."

And now, what you've all been waiting for - a very clear, gorgeous picture of our little guy. Just over 7 months old. God Bless this family for taking time out of their own journey to provide us with a preview.


Julie & Patrick said...

Okay, okay...a glimpse of Max WIDE awake was so worth the wait! He is precious. He is so absolutely full of expression! He looks like he just has so much to tell you all at once and can't get the words out fast enough.

We totally understand how with each bit of news the level of anxiety goes up. Not much longer to wait now, though and we are praying for smoooth sailing for all of us.


Pam said...

What a little cutie! Even though the last pictures were blurry, he still looked great!
Soon, you will be holding this beautiful boy! I can't wait!

Karen said...

Kristy, what a beautiful picture of Max! He looks so alert and enthusiastic! And strong! Look at him sitting up like that. Oh, please please let the judge sign the papers soon!!!


Aunt Dawn said...

Alright Already! I can't wait for the day you call and tell me when you are traveling. The wait is a killer! So --- I am going to buy him birthday presents and warm
L. L. Bean cloths in anticipation of him coming home.