Friday, June 29, 2007

Those Gorgeous Eyes!

Just look at them. They are amazing. He looks so happy and healthy. I finally feel like I have a peek into his personality - he'll fit in just fine. We aren't sure who took these great pics - we know it is a family who took time out of their trip to get their child, to give us a glimpse into our son's life. Every new glimpse makes me miss him more. But it is so comforting to see him smile, and respond to people. To see that he is being touched. CARA reviewed our file for NOC, and requested additional paperwork from the orphanage. The info has been sent and we're hoping to hear in the next couple of weeks. The waiting is getting more and more difficult. I need to reach a milestone. I need NOC to come, just to check off a box and feel a bit closer. Maddie thinks that if she sends Max an invitation to her birthday party, he'll have to come. I wish it were true.


Julie & Patrick said...

And...gorgeous they are! He looks so very happy and healthy. I totally understand how hard the wait becomes now. I hope your NOC comes soon!

Julie R

Pam said...

Look at what a cutie he is!! I'm sure you are treasuring this picture!!
Maddie's request to invite Max to the birthday party just about made me bawl.
Hang in there, before you know it you will be drowning in those eyes of his in person.
Momma to Micah