Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer is Here!!

I know everyone reads these for Max updates. Unfortunately, there is not much news on that front. CARA issued some paperwork that the judge needed to continue to process cases, so hopefully progress will be made in that area soon. Right now, there are early storms in Kolkata, so all offices are closed. Max saw the orthopedic surgeon who feels that his foot will be corrected with physiotherapy - no need for braces or surgery! We will still have him evaluated once he comes home - for our own peace of mind.

Dan is on summer vacation which means much more family time! The kids are already loving it. We also have a new dog - Maggie. She is a German Shepherd - a sweet girl who is growing on us all very quickly. One of Dan's co-workers had to move into a rental with no pets allowed. They were going to bring her to the shelter, and of course we couldn't let that happen. I'll get some pictures of her to post soon.

We have some plans for the summer. Madeline and I will be taking a trip to Broadway to feed our shared obsession with musical theater. I'm trying to get some decent priced tickets to a show she can see. Myles is quite content riding on anything with a motor. He goes from the jet ski to his 4 wheeler, to the tractor, to Papa Winnie's golf cart (Papa is the handsome gentleman below with my kids. His middle name is the same as Max's.) Of course with his irresistable grin, there is no shortage of people willing to ride along. Hopefully we'll get to make a family trip to Storyland.

So we will pray for better weather in Kolkata, for the judge to start signing legals, and for our NOC to come soon! (As I edit this, the courts are reopened, and the judge signed a family's legals today! Perhaps the tides are turning!)

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Aunt Dawn said...

Papa is a cutie and is so proud that Max will be sharing the same middle name!