Monday, May 14, 2007

Still No Eyes!

Today, once again, we were incredibly blessed with more pictures of our little guy. Jaime is happy, since he looks "brown" in these pics. Dan and I are happy because he looks so darn healthy. I know in my head that he is tiny, but he looks like he's got meat on his bones.

These were taken by the gracious executive director of our adoption agency at the beginning of this month. Still no view of his eyes, but if they are half as precious as the rest of him, they'll be stunning. For those of you who remember, Maddie's umbilical cord didn't fall off for 5.5 weeks, and I convinced myself that God had forgotten to make her a belly button. I've developed the same paranoia with Max's eyes. God bless my husband for being the rational one of the family:)

For those of you who did not hear the news yet, Dillon's license with CARA was renewed last week, so there's one less obstacle to overcome before we get to bring Max home. We haven't heard anything about our NOC, which will be the next update we get on our status.

This wait is much harder than I anticipated. We expected our wait for a referral to be much longer than our wait to travel, and I wonder if that would have made it easier. Perhaps not. I saw a sign today that read, "Patience is trusting in God's timing." This shall be my mantra when this wait becomes unbearable. I just hope God isn't running behind schedule.

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Karen said...

Kristy, he is so beautiful! Look at him sucking those sweet little fingers! He looks so peaceful and sweet. He has got to be the best sleeper in the place! I also love his little pointy eyebrows. So expressive!

And while that's a lovely dress he's wearing, here's a promise for you: when it is our turn to travel, I hereby pledge to bring some BOY CLOTHES to donate to the orphanage! :)

Karen (Jenya's mom)