Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A different view of Max

I check my email frequently these days. I wait for updates on Dillon's paperwork with CARA, any news of our paperwork (we know it has reached India), but most of all I wait for any snippet of new information on Max.

Today, I feel like I won the lottery. I opened my email and there was an email from Tami titled Rup with an attachment. I opened it to find an adorable picture of our little guy. Tami was going through pictures taken by a family that traveled in February. She found the picture of Max in there. So here's the new pic. He is just over two months old here, so very tiny. I still don't get to see his eyes, but his profile is amazing. I'm more in love with him than ever, and the waiting gets harder.
To the family that was able to capture this early moment in our son's life. . . Thank you SOOO much! We're missing so much of him in these months, that having this early picture is amazing. I'm sure you understand completely. I hope that when we travel we will be able to pass along the amazing favor to one of the next Dillon families.


Wendy said...

What an adorable picture of Max!

Wendy (Dillon forum)

Karen said...

Hi Kristy,
This photo of Max is priceless! How absolutely adorable! I know you can't wait to see his open eyes, but his peaceful slumber is just so beautiful. His perfectly round little head...his sweet little brow...those lovely lips...he is really a beautiful little boy. What a blessing!

Karen (Dillon)