Thursday, April 22, 2010


Some pictures of Madeline's Missoula Theater Play (great program, check them out ) and her baskeball games. We keep pretty busy in the winter months here :)
Maddie as a Rat in Pied Piper. Lovely flowers (and Peacock feather) from our neighbor and dear friend, Peggy

Being fresh on stage

After make-up was applied - it was smudges 2 seconds later.

Maddie, mid-fall. My graceful gal.

Playing some defense with Auri

I didn't get to go to many of her games because they were all on Saturday. She waited until the last game I could attend to score TWO baskets!! Made her Momma proud.


Julie & Patrick said...

Way to go Maddie!! as a rat and on the court!!


Peter and Nancy said...

I love the rat! Aaron was a rat for Halloween last year. :o)