Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wicked Cool Shirts!!

One of my "blogging buddies" is trying to bring her daughter, Abby home from India. One of their fundraisers is this wonderful t-shirt! I absolutely love them, and think they are a must for all of us India Moms!! Here's a link to her blog where she makes it super-easy to order!!


Kristi W. said...

I agree! I ordered one earlier today! This is the first time anyone that I know of has done an India specific shirt and I'm so excited!!!

:)Kristi W.

jasonliberty said...

Oh my goodness, I love them. I'm heading there now to place my order.

Amy said...

Hey you. I can't get ahold of you anyway cuz' i can't do facebook from work and for some reason I do not have your email address. Wanted to chat with you about maybe having Maddy and izzy spend some time together on the weekend of March 13th. we are getting there that Friday night and staying til Sunday afternoon. Email me if you want: redsoxbatgirl@gmail.com

Sheri said...

I just ordered a t-shirt!! I love it!! I am so glad I found out about it on Krist's blog!!