Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Myles is ready to ski!

Max getting ready for his first time down the hill!

Mason goes down with Daddy. He's ready to ski too!
Winter in Maine means skiing for a lot of people. We live in a very tiny community, but one of the major benefits is this ski slope. Spruce is a tiny little slope with tow ropes instead of chairlifts. My grandfather was just telling me how he helped to build the tow ropes and was the first to start up the one on the biggest slope (orchard), when my Uncle was in high school. Apparently my uncle broke is finger pretty badly the first run down!
Skiing is a very expensive sport, and there's no way we could enjoy it as a family if it weren't for Spruce. The bigger mountains are just too expensive, even for one day passes. My whole family grew up on Spruce and it is wonderful to be able to share that with my own children now. I am very grateful that Dan has the teaching gene, because I don't have the patience to teach the kiddos. He is wonderful with them, and it is so fun to hear them all beg to go with Daddy.
Today was gorgeous - a perfect day for all of us to go up. Myles is now able to go up and down on his own, so Dan thought it was a good time to start Max. He actually went out for groceries yesterday and came back with skis for Max! Spruce is the type of community place where Mason and I are able to watch the kids, hang out in the lodge, and catch up with lots of friends. Just a wonderful place.
This year we almost didn't have this wonderful resource. One of the local paper mills shut down which provided the power to run the tow ropes. Fortunately, at the last minute, a deal was made which allowed the mountain to stay open. This Sunday, Spruce filmed a spot to be sent in to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that we are chosen! It would be such a huge loss to the youth, and the community in general, if this place isn't able to stay open in the coming years!
Take a look at all the fun the kids have!


Julie & Patrick said...

I love hearing about your small and wonderful community and all of it's benefits. This "mountain" truly is one of those treasures.

How wonderful to have almost all the kids up on skis! They all look like pros, thanks to your husbands schooling.

Enjoy the snow!

Marleina said...

Awesome! Looks like a perfect place to learn. :) They're all so sweet.

Peter and Nancy said...

I bet these will be some of the best memories from their growing up years! What fun. :o) I sure hope your town gets chosen for an extreme makeover . . .

Nic said...

I just love the photos!! I am sure your kids will have the fondest memories of that place the way that I do! All my memories of that place are positive except when I would fall on the toe-rope and they had to shut it down because everyone toppled into each other. Geez..that was embarassing! ;) Wish we were there to share this with you all! XO!!

Pam said...

Ok, Micah laughed belly laughs at Miles pulling Max around in the rubbermaid container...especially when Max fell down and almost hit his face. My crazy boy thought that was hysterical. Sheesh. :)
Anyways...looks like you guys have some awesome places for family fun. I hope it gets chosen for EM too. How cool would that be? :)

Missy said...

Peter and Olivia laughed hysterically at Maddie and Myles pulling/pushing Mason and Max in the containers. :) I continue to be amazed at Mason's progress - he's sitting up great!

That ski slope is a treasure. Let's hope Extreme Makeover knows a good thing when they see it.

Cindy said...

I love reading about you guys, especially seeing the videos...great job Max and Myles!! Great skiing. I need lessons from you guys. I've been on skis once and it was a sight to behold LOL....thanks for the update.

Enjoy Spruce==sounds like a fun place.

theheartofachild said...

I would LOVE,LOVE, LOVE a link on your blog to help out with the t-shirts...thank you! You would have a wider Dillon reach than my blog:-)