Friday, August 21, 2009


We received word today that our NOC (No Objections Certificate) has been issued by CARA. This means that early next week our case will be transferred to the Indian court system. This is a two step process where the case will first be scrutinized, and then be heard by a judge who will assign us guardianship. After that we will wait for Probal's passport to be issued, and then we can travel.

As far as time lines go - it is just really unpredictable. The current judge is an interim judge, and no one is sure how long he is staying. If they change judges, it could take a while for the new judge to get into the swing of things. Also, October is a month full of holidays in India, and the courts are closed for the majority of that month. Passport usually takes about 15 business days, but we waited 7.5 weeks for Max Rup's. Unpredictable. I'm praying like crazy that this could all happen before Christmas, but realistically, I don't think that is likely.

In our adoption journeys, we celebrate each step. Each completed step brings us closer to our handsome little guy.

I need to post some summer pics and updates, but I've been way too busy enjoying the long overdue good weather :) I'll get 'em posted soon.


Pam said...

Ohh! I get to be the first congrats!! :) This is truly a step to celebrate! I can't wait for that precious smiley boy to be in your arms forever! Loving the journey so far!!! :) Savor this news today, friend! You deserve it!

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

Wahoo!!!! Looks like a number of us might be traveling at the same time!!! It would be so wonderful to meet up!!!

Praying that this judge wants to clear his desk before the courts close in October!!

Our Family said...

Congrats on NOC!! That is great,hoping your wish comes true and that he is in your arms before Christmas...Gidget:)

jasonliberty said...

Praying for you~! How exciting Congrats:-)


Julie & Patrick said...

How wonderful...especially because we chatted about it just yesterday. Just a reminder of how unpredictable this journey can be which only makes the tidbits of info much more thrilling to hear.

happy dancing for you on this Friday morning...pre apple-fritter.

Julie R

Amy said...

Woohoo! Probal will be in your arms soon! I am praying you get an extra speedy court and travel process :)

Traci said...

So good to hear your good news! I'll be praying for more to come!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Fantastic news! I agree in celebrating EVERY step of this process. Hopefully the rest of this journey will go quickly and you will have your son home for Christmas.

April :-)

Anonymous said...


Hoping for fast court process!!!


theheartofachild said...

Yea! Another step closer! Congrats on movement!!! Our agency is saying 6-9 months for court, but it is in the southern part of India.

Kristi W. said...

Yay for NOC!!! I'll be praying that Mason makes it home for the holidays. It CAN happen!!! Remember our miracle with Shaili???? ;)