Sunday, August 30, 2009

Labonte Girl Broadway Trip 2009

Maddie chose to see Mamma Mia - the show I've been boycotting for 10 years (sigh)

Maddie was in heaven at the Dinosaur exhibits

It was too hot for the Zoo, so we went uptown to the Museum of Natural History

Waiting to see Shrek
Last year Madeline and I started a tradition of taking a couple of days at the end of the summer for a girl trip. Maddie and I LOVE Musical theater, so off to Broadway we go - the Mecca of Musical Theater talent.
This year we bought tickets to see Shrek. We seriously considered Hair, but in the end I decided that I was not ready to explain all that would be required :)
We left at 4:30am Tuesday morning to catch a bus in Boston so we wouldn't have to drive all the way down. Next year we'll drive all the way down - Madeline was fine, but Mommy did not do the bus well. By the time we got there I had a migraine and was so motion sick. We checked into our hotel around 3pm, and Madeline watched an hour of Tom and Jerry while I recovered. She was so patient with me.
When Dan and I went down a few months ago we got a great deal on a newly opened hotel right on 8th ave between 44th and 45th streets. I figured it was so cheap because it was just opening, but we got the same great price this time. It makes such a huge difference to stay right in the theater district and be able to go back to the hotel whenever we want. If anyone ever takes a trip there, it's The Milford Plaza. The staff is sweet, it's very clean, and you just can't beat the price for the location.
We grabbed a slice of New York pizza and wandered around the theater district. Maddie loved the new M&M store, and seeing all of the posters and billboards for the shows. We headed over to the theater a bit early. We were both exhausted by that time, and Madeline was really impatient waiting to be able to take our seats. We got a little irritated with each other and a little snappy. It was the only time during the whole trip that I had to speak to her.
We had third row seats - it was amazing. Maddie couldn't believe how close we were and was thrilled that the theater provided booster seats for kids. It really did make a huge difference - I wish all of the shows provided them. I wasn't thrilled with seeing Shrek (although I couldn't wait to see Maddie's reaction). I was just waiting to see Sutton Foster whom I just adore. Great voice, great sense of humor. Of course, we saw those dreaded white squares of paper in the PlayBill indicating that her understudy would be playing the role that evening. I was so disappointed, but I gotta tell you, this gal was great! Her energy and physicality was perfect. Maddie thought she was hilarious! We both really enjoyed the show. The folks sitting next to us told me that they watched Maddie more than the show because her reactions were so great. I continue to be so impressed with Madeline's ability to abide by perfect theater etiquette.
We didn't have tickets for a show the next day, but planned on roaming the ticket booths for SRO tickets (they're usually really cheap). I had never used the TKTS booth, but we figured we'd give it a try instead of risking not getting any tickets. The concierge at the hotel suggested we get in line at 8:30am even though the booths didn't open until 11 - ugh - that's a LONG wait for a 6 year old. Maddie wanted to give it a shot. We were probably the 20th people in line and we lucked out. At 9am a rep. came out and said, "Well folks, the line is short now because people don't expect us to open until 11. We're opening now." Fabulous! Maddie got to choose from the shows available, and of course, she chose Mamma Mia. I have been boycotting this show (and all other jukebox musicals) for 10 years. We had a blast, but it was exactly what I expected. After curtain call they sing a bunch of the songs, and Maddie was belting 'em big time. The lady in front of us thought it was hilarious:)
After the show we had to RUSH to Port Authority -about 11 blocks away from the theater to catch the last bus out. Maddie made me proud. She was a trooper, and jogged along with me without complaint. She chatted nearly the whole bus ride to Boston, and then in the car from Boston home. I'm so proud of her behavior, and how fun she is. I love her sense of humor, how she notices everything, and comments on it, uncensored. I love this special girl time that we get to share every year. I can't wait until next year. Madeline has already decided we'll be seeing Bye Bye Birdie. Sounds good to me :)


Tracy said...

I loved reading this post! Sure wish I could meet this daughter of yours! She sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...


You are such a ticket. I love you and love it when mommy and you share these special moments.


Sara said...

What fun! Mama/daughter time is so precious. :)

Nic said...

Loved this post Kristy. After just being there I am missing NYC so much! I can picture the two of you running around!! Now you need a vacation after your vacation! :)

Emily said...

That sounds just great! I am so glad you both have that in common!

Anonymous said...

So happy that you two can share those special times together. There's nothing like mother/daughter time!


Aunt Ang

Brown Eyed Blessings said...

I love the "girl trip" idea! Definitely something I want to do with little Miss A once she's old enough.