Monday, June 22, 2009


Max's ladybug on Field Day
Madeline taking a sip

Max's classic grin
Isabelle, Madeline, Max, Myles

Myles controlling the hose

Sharing lunch at Field Day

Austin and Max - Red Sox Fans for Life

"Don't pee on the electric fence!"

OK, I usually don't post those pics, but that one is irresistible!

It's the end of June, school is out, we should be spending lots of time at the lake and have lots to tell about. BUT. . . the weather is just not being cooperative. It has rained for what feels like weeks on end. We've only been to the lake once and just for a couple of hours!

The end of Madeline's school year was so fun. On Monday the Kindergarten put on Dinosaur Camp. I brought the boys in and we all had a blast! We dug for real fossils, colored huge dinosaurs, decorated dino cookies, and played ring toss on the triceratops. The boys were well behaved, especially Myles, who fit right into Maddie's class, following all directions and being a big boy. I guess he is ready for school in the fall! Wednesday was field day, and since the boys were so good, they came again. The weather was great, and we spent all day outside on the playground, blowing bubbles, face painting, rockets and planes. . . it was fabulous. Madeline was sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Poat, but is very excited to start next year with her new teacher.

Hopefully we'll have lots of lake pictures soon. For some reason I couldn't move my pictures after they were uploaded. Sorry for the lack of formatting.


Amy said...

Love the pics - so priceless! Sounds like you are having a fun summer so far - hope your weather clears up!

Julie & Patrick said...

wow!! Can we move in? It looks like so much fun at your house! The pictures are denying all those smiles!!

Happy Summer...hope the weather is more cooperative...although it looks great in the photos to me :)

Julie R

Anonymous said... the photos! That one of the 2 boys near the fence is priceless! Use it later in life as leverage!!!

Love to all,

Aunt Ang

Peter and Nancy said...

Thanks for posting the boy butts! SO cute. :o) It's been cold here until the last three days -- today it's over 90 degrees! All of us are sweaty, humidified lumps because we never had any time to work up to these temps!

Hope you get to go to the lake soon!
-- Nancy

Pam said...

OH MY WORD! Love the pics! Love the bare butts, the the smiles, the water hose pics. Love it love it love it. :) Wish we could be hanging out too!

Nic said...

Love the photos! I will take rainy Maine over the sweltering sauna that is Florida!! Miss you guys!!