Thursday, June 11, 2009


We have finally received our I-800A approval last night. This is what we've been waiting for since February, but got held up because of needed homestudy changes (that took way too long). This past week was spent being the "squeaky wheel" to make sure that a letter requested by the government didn't take a month and a half to write. It worked, the letter was emailed yesterday, and a couple of hours later, we had our approval! I really expected it to take much longer after they received the letter, so I was thrilled.

Now, we officially sign acceptance papers for Mason. Hopefully this will be done before Monday, and then I will be posting almost two years worth of pictures of our sweet boy :) We still have quite a few steps to complete in the process before we can get Mason home, but I feel like there will be progress now. This step took much too long for my taste.

On the homefront: Madeline is finishing up Kindergarten. Monday I get to go into her class for Dinosaur Camp! She is very excited to dig for trilobite and alomite fossils. She and I are making plans for our annual trek to Broadway. They have started "Kid's Night on Broadway" again (thank you, Rosie O'Donnell). There are special events for the kids to attend, and then a kid's ticket is free with the purchase of an adult ticket. We can't decide which shows we want to see. Myles is as sweet as ever. He and Max are still very close, and play together well. Superheroes remain the best thing ever. Max Rup is talking up a storm. We had a brief foray into potty training, but after two weeks, it seemed clear that he was not ready. We'll try again in the fall (sigh). We are enjoying warm(ish) weather, and spending lots of time outside, and in the woods. We can't wait until it's warm enough to be at the lake all the time. And, of course, pictures:

Madeline, Auriana, Austin

10th annual Lop Hop - a gathering of Indian adoptive families from all over New England

Madeline leading Myles on Sunshine

Seriously, how sweet are these two?! I swear this was unprompted.

Madeline in her new Salwar Kameez


Amy said...

Yay!!! Finally! I am so happy for you - can't wait to see more pics of sweet Mason :)

Love all the other pics - beautiful family!

Julie & Patrick said...

I've been checking regularly for this good news. So happy that it has finally come.

Broadway here you come. Sounds like another good time is on it's way...very jealous :)

The pictures are adorable...your family is simply lovely...can't wait to watch it grow once more.


Peter and Nancy said...

Hooray for I800A!! I'm so happy this step is done, and you can move on in the process that will bring Mason home.

I can't wait for the photo gallery. :o) I love the pictures of your kids!
-- Nancy

The Fenwick Family said...

So happy that u finally got this approved.Love the pics,and looking forward to seeing pics of MASON!! Have a great week,Gidg:)

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos...Max always has that smile/grin on his cute little face!

Love, Aunt Ang