Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Very important announcement

I know that ever since viewing the video clips of Madeline's production of "The King and I" everyone has been all a-buzz about what her next major role would involve :)

Madeline will be appearing in the Massoula Theater Company's production of "Robin Hood." Her major role: a skunk!

The Massoula Theater is a children's theater that comes to our school yearly. They have auditions and rehearse intensely all week (skunks only need to be there twice for 2 hours each, but some kids are there for 4 hours a night, and all day Saturday). Then they perform twice on Saturday.

There were a lot of kids auditioning this year so we made sure to remind Maddie that she is only in Kindergarten, and if she didn't get a role next year, she could try again next year. I wasn't really worried about her being upset - she's just not that kind of girl. BUT, we were thrilled when she got a part. She's a cutie, and she was so excited.

Also, the boys sat through almost two hours of auditions without fussing or crying at all. That is HUGE! Good job, Myles and Max Rup!


Peter and Nancy said...

Congratulations, Miss Skunk! Have a wonderful time rehearsing, and "break a leg" on opening day. :o)
Onward and upward!
(Okay Kristy, what classic Broadway play is that line from??)
-- Nancy

Nic said...

I will need to get an autograph next time I'm up! :)

The Labontes said...

Hmm, Nancy. . .
I think that line is in a couple of shows. The one that comes to my mind first is "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" when Rosemary sings about keeping J. Pierpont's dinner warm while he goes onward and upward. Is this what you were thinking of?

Amy said...

I'd like to say that I was there to witness the whole thing (the boys being good, Maddy being Maddy) and I'm impressed. My daughter will be a co-skunk with Maddy which means...Watch out World :)

Glad I get to hang with you a bit more Kristy!!!

Julie & Patrick said...

Wonderful!! A skunk!! There is a lot of different ways to play such an unpredictable animal. I'm sure Maddie will bring "LIFE" to her role :)

I love that the brothers are so supportive of Maddie's budding career too :)

Julie R

Amy said...

Congrats to her! Maybe a future Academy Award winner ;)

CindyO. said...

I cannot wait to see your Skunk pictures! How cute!!