Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just hadn't posted in a while . . .

Not much is going on up here. We are enjoying some great skiing weather, and Maddie started swim lessons. We started her in level 3, but due to her freespiritedness she is now in level 2. She is way into the social aspect, not so much into the learning part. We love her for it. We signed Myles up for Peewee basketball. It didn't work out well. He stayed in the same spot for 20 minutes as all of the lines moved around him. When the coach tried to engage him, he held up his hand and said, "I have a Spiderman writsband." And then went back to his statuesque pose. And Max Rup is just a chatterbox now.
We also took the kids to Disney on Ice last week. It was ok. Max loved it, and still talks about the big crocodile eating Captain Hook.
That's about it. Here are some pics.
Myles was reading to Max Rup
Those dimples just kill me!

Having Mimi and Tom home made it finally feel like Christmas

The girls at the surprise 30th. Ugh.


ColleenC said...

Cute kids (And happy birthday- assuming it's you're 30th!!) We had to take Gavin out of peewee b-ball- similar issues- the boy even got hit on the head with the ball and then got mad about it! Good to see you back here!

Amy said...

I love your kid stories - makes me look forward to motherhood! Your kids are precious!

Julie & Patrick said...

I think we have one of those children with the "free spirit" too! I also appreciate her socialness :)

Enjoy the skiing...the kids look great!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

Ha! Your kids are wonderful! Max Rup looks so different, even since Christmas -- his face is thinning out, and he's looking more like a little boy. And, if it makes you feel any better, I'll be turning 40 this year . . . gulp.
-- Nancy