Friday, July 11, 2008

New additions and the 4th

Most of you know that we've got a few critters around here. We've been selling our eggs for a tiny bit of extra money - duck and chicken eggs. Then we noticed that our ducks were, well, attempting to procreate, so we left those eggs alone. The other day Dan was greeted in the morning by a bunch of cute little ducklings, following their Mom all around the yard. SO CUTE!

The 4th is also known as Madeline's birthday around here. She thinks she's pretty hot stuff since there's always a gang around for her birthday. We always do lobsters, and have a blast down at the lake. Usually Dan's band plays at the Lewiston fireworks, but this year they didn't. Madeline was pretty disappointed, but fortunately the next door neighbors set off some nice ones during the bonfire. Illegal, perhaps, but greatly appreciated :) On the 8th we were going to Boston to meet one of my sorority sisters for the day. She was visiting from Colorado, and we couldn't pass up the chance to meet, however briefly. We went to the Aquarium, and since my sister wasn't feeling well at 8.5 months pregnant, we took Auriana along with us. The kids were really good, for the most part (meltdown at the end due to heat and being tuckered out), and we had a great time. The Anaconda was a big hit, as well as the sharks and rays. Max Rup kept on pointing to the fish and saying, "Big, Big Momma."

As we were getting loaded up to come home, Meg called and was all casual asking how Auriana was. Then she says, "well, I'm in the hospital 4cm dilated, so can you and Auri get here as soon as you can?" We didn't quite make it back in time. Derek (her hubby) just barely made it from work in time for the C-section. We did get to enjoy Mr. Austin James Armandi while Meg was in the recovery room. I still can't decide who he looks like, but he sure is gorgeous, and Auriana is very proud of her little brother.

After Dan dropped Auri and me off at the hospital, he took Madeline and Myles to their 1st T-ball game of the season (which Derek was supposed to be coaching). We don't have any pics since I stole the camera for the hospital. But Madeline did really well in the field - remember that last year her and Auri just sat down and talked in the middle of the field. This time she went after the ball and got to it twice. Myles hit the ball on his first pitch! He had a rough time running the bases the right way, but he'll get it. He is very proud of his helmet and can't wait until the next game.

So it's been a pretty eventful week or so for us.


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures. You should add the close up one I took of Austin last night (and send me some copies too). What cute kids - the only thing that would make it even better is if my boys were on there too - ha, ha!
your favorite cousin:)

Amy said...

Wow - sounds like an eventful week! Cute pics!!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness--beautiful baby. Max is growing--wow!! He is a big boy. Thanks for sharing.

Peter and Nancy said...

Congratulations on your new nephew/cousin! He looks like a pretty big newborn -- and super cute. I bet you were all tired after that day!

Julie & Patrick said...

Never a dull moment around your place!! The baby ducks are precious...and the new baby too :)

Max's little cheeks are filling in too...oh how quickly they change.

Glad to hear that t-ball is actually being played this year!

Julie R