Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Breakwater

 The last day of my 3 week vacation.  We had to go out on a good note, so despite a rainy forcast and dark skies, we headed to Rockland.  Maddie loves lighthouses, and this one has been on her list for years, but I haven't dared to face the 7/8 mile breakwater walk with impulsive little ones.  It was finally time.  As we drove down the road it was a downpour, so we ate our picnic in our car.  To our delight, the rain slowed and stopped by the time we were ready to make our walk. 

Approaching the lighthouse and enjoying the sailboats passing by
Let me just say that this walk is rough for an anxious mom with a VERY impulsive seven year old.  We laid down the law - Myles and Max had to hold someone's hand the entire trip.  Dan took Mason in his backpack on the way out, while I did the handholding.  By the time we got out to the lighthouse I was lightheaded and a bit dizzy from being super aware of my footsteps as well as each of the boys'.   

Looking back from the lighthouse

It was worth the trip.  The Lighthouse is cared for by a volunteer organization that took over its care after the coast guard automated it, and no longer had to live there.  It is beautiful now, and the volunteers give a brief tour and history.  There were three folks there today, and I cannot say enough about them.  They gave us tips on how to safely get the kids to the light tower.  Mason could not go all the way to the top, and one of the women read him a lighthouse book so the rest of us could go together.  When we returned she informed us that they did not make it through the whole book, because Mason had "other questions he needed answered about the lighthouse."  None of us were surprised by this at all :)

Right beside the light.  There is also a foghorn, hence the plugged ears.
 Madeline has long dreamed of going into a light tower.  She was so happy.  The Pemaquid lighthouse allows it, but Dan wasn't with us on that trip, and there was no way to get Mason up it.

At the light looking back accross the breakwater

Looking for treasures

 I took Mason on the way back, which I must say, was my preference to worrying about footsteps of others.
Clearly I was impressed by the view looking back to shore

Lots of crabs to be found in that seaweed
 The older kids LOVED combing the beach.  Myles wanted to catch every crab he saw, and Maddie and Max were focused on collecting the most beautiful shells for a planned craft.

Mommy and Mason on the beach
 Mason informed us that he is now too big for his backpack.  He is not comfortable in it anymore.  This makes me really sad because it has been our way of including him in outings like this as well as traditional hikes that we enjoy as a family.  Truthfully, he is getting too heavy anyway.  He informed us that Brett and Lauren needed the backpack for their baby that is coming.  I think that is a good plan.  As hard as it is for me to admit, outings like this may need to be just 5 of us, and we will have to plan special things for Mason.  I hate the thought of not doing it together, but hate even more the thought of my other three missing out on something they enjoy so much. 
Daddy and Max.

Mason found a tiny snail
 Mason held this for about five seconds, and then informed me he didn't like it and wanted to go to the car.

Daddy and Mason

Myles love looking at all of the different patterns on the crabs' shells

They may look silly, but they are all smiling.  I'll take it.

Fairy houses!  We took this picture for Austin who builds them all over Papa Jim's driveway.
  Today was a glorious end to my vacation!  The weather ended up being perfect.  The rain didn't return, and the overcast skies and ocean breeze made the temperature so comfortable.  I'm ready to return to reality and then look forward to the new school year.

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