Saturday, May 21, 2011

April vacation!

With my relatively new job comes the bonus of having a lot of the same vacations as my husband and kids. We made good use of it this April by going on our first really big, really far vacation as a family of six. And in typical (for my family) fashion, we went along with: My mom, dad, sisters, brothers in law, nieces, and nephews! The itinerary included Busch Gardens in Williamsburg for two days, a day at the lodge, a car safari, and then time at my sister's house in Charlottesville. What a BLAST! Of course, it wouldn't be a real vacation without some mishaps. Ours included My folks forgetting their pre-purchased Busch Gardens tickets in Maine, and my poor hubby being so sick the first day at Busch Gardens that he laid in the car from about noon to eight pm. We told him to go back to the hotel, but I think he was hoping he'd feel better.

Myles feeding a Llama

Maddie and her Larakeet

Dad is feeling better - time for a swim!

Papa Jim and Rup

When you take your 8 grandchildren on vacation, you earn a margarita or two!

The kids all loved the little water park in the middle of Busch Gardens

The whole family - and Auri, our honorary member

Mason - completely overstimulated, but soooo very happy

Grooving down to some Irish Tunes

Me and the kids waiting to enter Busch Gardens

It was really amazing to get away with the whole gang. Something I am looking forward to doing more often. The kids were amazing even with the 21 hour drive down, and 15 hour ride back. No issues at all with anyone.

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Kim said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Next roadtrip/vacation should be west to say....Colorado?? lol :)