Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rockets and Dances

Madeline and Daddy at the Father - Daughter dance. This year she stuck to him like glue and they danced together all night.

Before the dance

Daddy and Mason on the pond. Waiting for the rocket launch. Dan with his winter beard :)

Playing on the ice - Miranda, Myles, Max, Maddie

Myles has been so excited about these rockets. It's something my dad used to do with me, and I impulsively bought one for him. We've had so much fun putting it together, painting it, getting ready for the launches. A few days after this, Dan decided to use big engines and launch it from our front yard. Shockingly, the rocket flew WAY up, and got carried who knows where. Good thing we have another one to build. Lesson learned by Daddy - you need MORE not Less room with a bigger engine.


Julie & Patrick said...

Father daughter dances bring back such good memories of my childhood. Nothing like the steady hand of dad to swing you around the dance floor!

Yay! for rockets too!!

Peter and Nancy said...

I love the daddy + daughter dance -- what a sweet night! We have some of those frozen lake memories too . . . but ours were for ice fishing. :o) It think I like the rocket idea better!

The Burkholders said...

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