Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Eve with the Coombs Family

The Coombs family has been celebrating together on Christmas Eve at the same house at least since I was born. We're quite a gang. I can't remember a time when there was a lack of tiny ones - it seems someone is always at that stage. Kids exchange names, and adults do a spirited yankee swap.

Nate and Aisla

Some of the gang

Myles and his Spy Kit

Max - looking a little tired

Mason's signature grin

Maddie in her "glasses" with her reindeer

Molly, Brett, and Aunt Dawn

Bryce and Charlie

Mason and Papa Winnie

Madeline and Papa Winnie

Max enjoying his Christmas Eve Pancakes. Licking up Holly's strawberry sauce.

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Peter and Nancy said...

Love all the pictures! Except I can't show Nathan the one of Max Rup licking his plate . . . we're trying to cure our *8*-year-old of doing that, finally! Ha ha! Every time I see a picture of Mason, he has the hugest grin. Is he like that all the time? Maddie and Myles look so old all of a sudden . . . yikes!

Thanks for the photo update!