Friday, June 11, 2010

The Final Decision

We made the big decisions regarding Mason's services in the fall. Dan and I visited the local option, and liked it enough, the lady was lovely, and it was very informal. We were ok with sending him there. THEN we went to his speech eval at an office 1/2 an hour away. We told her our plans, and she asked if we had seen the preschool downstairs from her office. She very informally suggested we go down, just to see what other options exist. Dan and I walked out of there, and both thought, "This is exactly where he needs to be." We felt so great about that place. We felt they had the staffing, equipment, resources, everything that would help Mason be successful.

Then we needed to develop an IEP for him. This is something that I've been terrified of. I really thought we'd have to scratch and claw to get what we needed for Mason. But it was lovely! We have a terrific case manager, and our provider really knows Mason, and cares about him. Mason will attend the preschool 2 days a week, 3 hours each day. During this time, he will recieve his speech and occupational therapies. We will continue to see our private PT, but there is also an option for a PT to consult with the preschool to suggest modifications, etc. Mason will also have a 1:1 mobility aid. We made it clear that our goal is for him to be as independent as possible, and were assured that this would help with that since his aid will be able to help him get from place to place, help him access the playground equipment, and encourage him to move on his own, instead of being carried everywhere for convenience. They are making sure that there is a swing for him to access. We are very pleased.

The above services will start August 31st, at the beginning of the school year. In the meantime, the OT that will work with him in the fall informed us that she can work with him twice a week over the summer as well - through our insurance instead of the Early Intervention program. We're excited to get this service started for him. We will also try to start speech therapy through the summer as well. It's all in the same building, and they seem very collaborative. He's made so much progress in these areas already, that we can't wait to see what he does with professional help.

Looking forward, the local Special Ed director is willing to speak with me about the possibility of him attending the public 4K program when the time comes. We'll speak about how feasible this is, what needs to be worked on before then, and whether that will be what is best for him (that's my agenda anyway).

We are sad to have finished services with our first contact in "the system." She was a lovely PT that was a huge support for us.


Julie & Patrick said...

This sounds wonderful. The greatest news that you are all at peace with the decision....knowing that it is providing for Mason in the best possible way.

By the look on his joyous face, he is pretty thrilled too!


Michelleybelle said...

I am so happy for you guys! I know how intimidating it can be, trying to advocate for your child. I imagine it was especially stressful for you, knowing how hard Nicole has had to fight to get what her Noah deserves. I am so thankful that (at least from my experience) Maine's community for special needs children seems easier to work with than many other states.

And thank God for good insurance! If only everyone had access!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

LOVE this picture of Mason! He is such a handsome boy with a wonderful smile that lights up his face.

Your final decision sounds amazing. It sounds like God has placed your family right where you need to be so Mason can reach his full potential and you can all be at peace with the decision. This is fantastic. So excited for you all!

April :-)

Peter and Nancy said...

This is fantastic! We have friends who've had to fight for services over and over, so I am relieved that you have some great, proactive professionals to work with! He is so handsome, as usual . . . :o)

Emily said...

You have put so much love and effort into designing what is right for Mason. It sounds like everything is falling into place. Good for you for following your intuitive parent sense, and for being persistent and proactive! Emily

Anonymous said...

I am glad you all were able to get some answers that are going to help Mason.He is such a cutie! Praying that he continues to make progress and amazes everyone.

Eric and Cheryl said...

Sounds like our experience with Adia this last year. I have been so thankful for our team of therapists working with her. What I love the most is how much they LOVE HER and have really taken the liberty to do exactly what she needs. I did feel like I was in the dark for a while and they just stepped up and took over, it was truly amazing. I think you will be happy and most of all Mason will have some great services, new friends and more people to love him.

So excited to hear of his progress and your experience.


Amy said...

Thanks Kristy! I am donating as well. Simeon was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect but his was very minor and does not need surgery. I can't imagine what it would be like to not have the resources to help your child more.

By the way, Mason is so adorable in his pic. So happy you know the path forward too!

theheartofachild said...

So glad that you found the right place and can feel good about the decision! Happy 4th to you guys!