Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Things We've Neglected

Somehow in the course of travelling, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. we missed a few significant events that I need to document here.

The week after we got back, Dan once again served as musical director for the High School's community musical. And, of course, Diva Madeline had to take part. This year it was quite a family event since Auriana and Carter (cousins) also participated. It was wonderful to see them all on stage together.

The 3 of Spades

A very pretty Flower

Madeline, Carter, Auriana

Right after Christmas, Madeline, Mason and I went with my Mom down to Virginia to finally meet my new nephew. He was born as we were boarding our flight home from New Delhi! Both of the kids did extremely well with the long ride down and back. Mason did not like the idea of Mom holding another little person, so I had to wait until he was asleep or really intent on another activity to get my snuggle time in.

Maddie, Fin, Mimi (Jaime)

Mason and Mimi

Maddie reading to Fin

Maddie and Fin

On the way home, we got caught up in a storm and stopped in a motel in MA. Mason had been asleep and we had to wake him up to take him in. His reaction was so very sad. He screamed at the top of his lungs. He grabbed onto me so tightly and would not let go for anything. It took him a long time to settle down, and I literally could not have pried him off of me. It is the only time I've seen him react like that, and although I'm glad he's attached to me, it makes me sad that he was so terrified that I might leave.

I'm going to try to be better at updating here. I just finished formatting the first year of this blog to have it bound into a book for us. I'm horrible about keeping up photo albums, and scrapbooking has never happened at my house, so this is really our way of keeping our family history.


Peter and Nancy said...

Maddie looks so completely engaged in her role! It's fun to read about another theatrical family. :o)

You are one brave mama to do the long car trip, and then have a storm to cope with on top of it! Sorry you had to see Mason so scared -- but I bet that incident just further cemented his bond to you.

Hugs to all your gorgeous kids, and to you too!

Laura said...

OOHHHH! I didn't know you could format and bind your blog stuff... I thought it just stayed out in cyberspace!! Do you mind to tell me how to do that? My e mail is Is it hard?
Love reading about your times with your kiddos!! Thanks for sharing with us.

Not By Chance said...


Maddie looks adorable! I also wanted to tell you that Max looks so grown up in all of his pictures..!

let's get our kids together...India camp NEXT summer???


Candice said...

I love your Christmas photo of the 4 kids! So cool! Mason looks like he is doing so well! I hate that he got so scared. It does make you sad to see their fear.

I've been wanting to put Micah's blog in a book, but was not sure how. What do you suggest? You can let me know on Facebook! Thanks.


Brian and Mandy Harvey said...

It was SOOO good to hear from you! Mason looks like he is doing SO well! We are a little stir crazy around here with all the snow and sickness we have had lately but it is good to not have a lot of major things going on....more time to just get settled and be together. Thanks again for your "visit"! Hope you all have a good winter and will pray that you all can get into a groove with Mason and all the care his needs require. Take care!