Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas, Family, and the New Year

It's certainly been a while since I've posted. Our laptop is not being cooperative lately. It's been pretty busy with the holidays around here.

On December 22nd, my Uncle was in a serious car accident. He scared us pretty bad, but he's on the mend now, doing rehab at a nursing home, which we jab him about often. Max Rup worries about him, often reminding us randomly that Uncle Mike has booboos in a sad little voice.

On Christmas Eve we gather at my folks house. This year was more quiet than usual. Uncle Dennis, Aunt Nancy, Corey, Carrie and their crews all spent the holiday in DisneyWorld! Uncle Mike's family obviously spent that day with him at the hospital. And this was my sister's first Christmas away from home. We enjoyed the company that was there, but Meagan, Mom and I kept saying, "this just isn't the same." So no more vacations or accidents at Christmas time!

We did have a lovely surprise that evening. We heard bells ringing, and couldn't figure out where they were coming from. We looked outside to see part of our extended family all decked out and Carolling!! My parents live on a dead end road, and these folks live two houses down. Carol, Louise, Jeannie, Albert, John and his family were adorable, and it was very touching.

Christmas morning was just the five of us at home. Myles was very into Santa Clause this year, and was so happy that he came! We enjoyed a quiet morning enjoying the new toys and then got dressed in our new clothes. Auriana was upset with Santa. Can you believe that he only put one thing in Austin's stocking! Why would he put lots of stuff in Auri's and only one in Austin's? Austin was a good boy - why would Santa be so unfair? She's so funny.

The Finley Christmas was as entertaining as ever with a Yankee Swap as the main event. It's always good to get that whole gang together!

A few days after Christmas, we were all able to gather at Dan's folks. We only got to see Uncle John for a few minutes, but Cameron got to stay, and we always love spending time with Uncle Paul, Aunt Missy, Peter, and Olivia. We still wish they lived closer. The kids get along so well with each other. We enjoyed snowball fights, fort building, and of course some hot cocoa once inside.

Every season we feel so lucky to be part of amazing, loving families. We thank God for a reason to celebrate the love that we get to experience every day.
And, of course, here's some pics of the week.

"Kissing Cousins"

Auri thanking Maddie for her India doll

Snowball fights at Grammy and Grampy's

The older kids enjoying "kerplunk"

Max Rup's new blankie from Louise. He LOVES it!

Max Rup and Papa Winnie visiting Uncle Mike. These two adore each other.

The guitar was a huge hit. Maddie is becoming quite musical.

Max Rup and Daddy. I love this pic.

Three amazing male role models for my children.

The 5 grandkids: Max Rup, Auriana, Austin, Madeline, Myles


ColleenC said...

So glad to see you back in the world I was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing! Max is looking like a little man here! All three of the kiddos look adorable!

Thanks for the encouragement about traveling- I know it is the right decision to leave 'em here with grandparents but the reality of it is hitting me hard!

ColleenC said...

Oops I meant back in the "blogging world"! Didn't mean to imply you'd gone on some existential journey!

Peter and Nancy said...

Love, love all the photos! Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Anya Rashi has a little boy cloth doll that has brown skin and short black hair -- and she has always called it Rup. :o) I will have to post a photo of her with it.

Yipes -- you had an eventful Christmas, with hospital visits and everything. I'm glad it has a happy ending. Austin sure looks big!

Julie & Patrick said...

What fun the holidays were for your family even though many of them were not there.

I love the Max Rup and daddy picture. His smile is so cute!

Julie R

Amy said...

Love all the pics! All of your kids are adorable! Sounds like a very eventful Christmas for you! How nice to have a big family like that. We have missed your posts :).

Lynda said...

Looks like the kids had a great time! Don't think I saw a picture of your husband before. Great Dad and Son picture.

Glad the India doll was a hit!


CindyO. said...

LOVE the pictures--please send us some snow down here in NC!!